A Parenting Coordinator acts as a coach, educator, and facilitator who attempts to minimize parental conflict and enhance parallel parenting, cooperation, and mutual respect. This involves helping parents develop more effective problem solving skills and strategies, communicate better with each other, and understand relevant child development principles.

Most people do not want to damage their children by exposing them to conflict and fighting situations. Using a Parenting Coordinator can greatly reduce the cost of separation and divorce by helping couples come to co-parenting arrangements that work. Separation is a difficult process when only two people are involved. It is an added difficulty when couples in conflict do not see eye to eye on issues related to their children. When consensus around children eludes a separating couple, a Parenting Coordinator is the neutral third party needed to make the decisions that are in the best interests of the children..

Sometimes, assessors, parents or lawyers will refer clients to a Parenting Coordinator when the parents need ongoing assistance to resolve issues as they arise, well beyond what any court order can address or resolve. A typical parenting coordination agreement is for a two-year period. This can help you avoid unnecessary trips to family court. A Parenting Coordinator can be useful at any stage of separation and particularly helpful with couples experiencing high conflict.

A Parenting Coordination Intake Form and the Parenting Coordination Agreement must be completed before first visit.