Supervised access is a service provided to a parent or care-giver who must be accompanied while they are having a visit with a child or children to ensure their safety. Often it is in the context of allegations of abuse, violence, or substance abuse. Sometimes it is about inappropriate content or language used in front of the child or children.

As Provincial supervised access centres can take a long time to obtain service and require a court order to access, our Access Supervisor offers an alternative. With supervised access in a structured setting, non-custodial parents who are awaiting a court order have another option. Most clients use this service on a short-term basis while awaiting a court order for access or being given unsupervised access by a judge.

Additionally, our Access Supervisor can arrange visits when release conditions or court orders include a no contact order between the parties. Supervised pick up and drop off can also be provided.

For long term supervised access requirements the Access Supervisor works with social work and social service worker students to provide supervision in the community.