All of You Wellness Centre offers services for businesses, individuals with career objectives, families in crisis, singles coping with being single, couples wanting to make their relationship better and individuals seeking personal growth, psychotherapy, counselling, support in bereavement, treatment of trauma or coaching toward improving their well-being and life satisfaction.


All of You offers Business Consulting Services including lunch & learn programs, organizational dynamics assessment and intervention programs, leadership coaching and development, business mediation and process facilitation.

For individuals organizing a job search, changing careers, dealing with conflict in their current job or struggling with work-life balance, All of You offers Vocational Counselling and Career Coaching.


Family conflict is a complex process for which the services of a Psychotherapist can be of assistance. In instances where no resolution is possible, a skilled Mediator can be of assistance in bringing some structure to the situation, minimizing the drama, reaching some degree of closure on the relationship that is ending and arriving at an amicable separation that provides for the ongoing care of children. See Mediation and Parenting Coordination for more information.

Supervised access is a service that means a parent or care-giver must be observed while they are having a visit with a child or children to ensure their safety. Often it is in the context of allegations of abuse, violence, or substance abuse. Sometimes it is about inappropriate content or language used in front of the child or children.


When things are not going well in your life, knowing where to look for help can be confusing and just add to your sense of being overwhelmed. All of You offers Psychotherapy, Coaching and Hypnosis to address a broad range of client objectives such as personal growth, navigating life crises, significant life change or career uncertainty, finding your way in family or relationship conflict, changing established habits and patterns, dealing with long term psychological problems, coping with traumatic experiences -to mention only a few. Learn more about each service: Psychotherapy/Counseling, Coaching and Hypnotherapy.

Sometimes the nature of the problem makes the choice of service clear. At other times, the root problem becomes obscured when symptoms such as anxiety or depression assume prominence. If desired, we will set up a preliminary consultation for you to help clarify a direction to meet your needs. Suppose you are troubled by anxiety. Which service is right for you? We need to look a little deeper to make the determination. Here are some scenarios:

  • "I am anxious because I think my relationship may fall apart when my employer moves my job to Calgary." If you have not been anxious before this situation arose, likely you will do well in Coaching which is goal-oriented. Once you have clear plan about how to handle the life changes you are facing, chances are you will be free of anxiety.

  • "I am anxious everywhere. I get tension headaches and occasionally have panic attacks in public places." Anxiety is always about something. While we need to understand the origins of your anxiety to truly change the way you face the world -the province of Psychotherapy -you may also want to learn some strategies through Hypnotherapy to manage your anxiety while you work on longer term changes.

  • "I'm a worrier. I keep myself awake at night! I don't want to talk sleeping pills but I need to do something." Hypnotherapy will teach you techniques to apply at these times to gently and naturally get the rest you need.

  • "I panic in crowds, in line-ups, on the subway at rush hour. It reminds me of the time when I was kind when ..... I felt so constrained, I thought I'd die there." Past traumas are the province of Psychotherapy.

These are just a few examples to give you an idea when Psychotherapy/Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Coaching or or Consulting might be appropriate. Registered Massage Therapy can beneficially supplement these therapies when stress and tension are contributing factors.

Our Therapist/Coach/Consultant Directory is categorized by specialization to help you narrow the possibilities in choosing a therapist or coach. Their individual biographies, accessible from the Directory,will further assist you in determining a fit to your needs.

Still uncertain? Our intake coordinator or any of our therapists, coaches or consultants will be happy to answer your questions; call 416-972-6622 to request a free telephone consultation.