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Gio is a Therapist and Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW). With over 13 years of experience in diverse mental health and addictions work, Gio aims to provide a therapeutic space that is open and non-judgmental. People experience Gio as kind, calm, gentle, compassionate, thoughtful and insightful. In therapy, Gio works with people in a present-focused and experiential manner – which fosters a genuine and trusting therapeutic connection that promotes healing. His approach allows for a collaborative relationship that helps determine the best course of therapy.

Gio holds the view that psychotherapy provides an opportunity for us to explore our lives, to address challenges such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, substance use concerns, and to cultivate self-awareness, growth and well-being. Therapy can be a journey that provides us with a chance to stop amidst our busy lives, connect with ourselves more authentically, and move towards living more fully.

Gio holds a social justice and trauma-informed lens when doing therapy. This means that he takes into account the effects of intersecting structural and systemic oppressions (e.g. sexism, homophobia, racism, biphobia, transphobia, ableism) on our lives and our mental health. Gio is queer and trans-affirming, sex-positive, poly-friendly and kink-aware. Sex-positive means holding the view that all consensual sexual activities are fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, encouraging sexual pleasure and experimentation. Kink-aware means holding an open and non-judgmental view, and having specific knowledge of kink concepts and lifestyles.

Gio works with individuals (youth, adults), couples (poly-inclusive), families, and groups. Gio supports people experiencing various issues including: anger, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, depression, grief, chronic health challenges, challenges with eating (e.g. binge eating, purging, etc.), body image issues, HIV/AIDS, relationship concerns, sexual health concerns, sexual and gender identity, and coming out.

Gio has worked as a therapist in a variety of health and community-based settings, locally and internationally, with people experiencing homelessness, mental health/substance-use issues, living with HIV/AIDS, at-risk youth, refugees and asylum seekers, all with various ethno-racial and LGBTQ identities. Gio Iacono is also a post-secondary educator and researcher.

Gio holds a Master of Social Work from the University of Toronto, and holds a Bachelor of Social Work and Psychology (Hons) from Ryerson University. He is also currently working on a PhD at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto. His research and scholarly interests include: LGBTQ youth mental health, resilience, and mindfulness-based treatment approaches. Gio has been trained in and currently practices an eclectic mix of trauma-informed therapeutic approaches including: anti-oppression, mindfulness, self-compassion, cognitive-behavioural, recovery, crisis/suicide intervention, psychodynamic, solution-focused, strengths-based, narrative, harm-reduction, and motivational enhancement.

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