Couple's counseling, couples therapy, marriage counseling, relationship coaching are all names for the professional supports available for couples who are often trapped in a death dance of their own creation. Sometimes there are no grievous problems in the relationship; couples aspire to make a good thing better. Untangling the toxic communication patterns, restoring respect and healthy boundaries, recovering from affairs, understanding that their destructive patterns may have antecedents in each partner's family of origin, bringing partners to an awareness of their individual responsibility within the couple and the impact of their behaviour on each other, on their children and on others in their social orbit -these are just some of the areas addressed in the therapeutic adventure of transforming their relationship deadlock to a new healthy relationship process that may never have been part of the couple experience of these two people. In addition, couples counseling addresses issues of balancing family obligations with sustaining the couple bond which originally brought the partners together and which ultimately is essential to well-being of the family as well as the couple.